"Excellent service again. Highly recommended" - Scott Poynton

"I said this before - you really can't go wrong in having The Grove do your 3D printing." - Martin Woolley

"Excellent service. I have used a number of 3D printing services but this was the best part quality I have seen." - Jake Watton

About us

The Grove is a 3D print studio based in Birmingham UK.  'Since 2016'

We're enabling our customers to take advantage of affordable high definition SLA and FDM printing in a variety of materials.

The Grove is one of only a handful of high definition 3D printers in Birmingham spearheading the additive manufacturing revolution and we're loving every minute of it.


We cater for Dental, Engineering, Model makers, Artists, Architecture, Jewelry makers, product designers and enthusiasts a-like.  From practical application to hobbyists.  Birmingham universities students frequently use The Grove as a last minute life saver (not that we condone that, but it's nice to know) for their creative and technical courses.


The Grove has a reputation for quality and speed.  We usually have a 2-4 day turnaround (depending on the print of course) and we pride ourselves on delivering that 'out of the box' product we know you're looking for. 


The Grove helps you through the whole process by giving you an actual person to talk to.  This is a genuine human experience.  Taking manufacturing back to the artisan craftsmanship that it originally was.


We're bringing 3D printing to everyone.  You can contact us to find out more.         

"First class print quality of what were small technical components. These guys got the brief very quickly and produced superb pieces. Communication was excellent along the whole process." - William Purvis

"very friendly, quick and offered extra services which make life a lot easier." - Ben Serrano

"Quite amazed by this, exceeds my hopes!" - James Craggs