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Good Printable Models

What does it even mean?  Why are some models not printable? Without going into the details of what makes a good model.  The point is, just because you have a model, doesn’t mean it’s printable.  There are tons of things to watch out for but right off the bat, all modelers should be checking for basic things like (I’ll leave you to research on more detail if you’re unfamiliar with the terms):

  • Wall thickness (know what your chosen print technology is capable of)

  • Model shells! (it looks good, it looks good!) No one wants a printed piece that falls apart.

  • Disconnected polygons.  Check your model integrity!  The more complex your model is the more important it becomes, it’s like the new ‘save often’ rule ‘check often’.

Just some things to be aware of when modeling for prints.

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