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Size matters! especially when 3D printing

Building are getting smaller, technology is getting smaller, you income is probably getting smaller too, and the same goes for 3D printing.  Right now 3D printing hangs around a nano meter scale (for those in the know 1nm = 0.0000010mm).  And for those bedroom warrior 3D printers with home brew kits, they are typically working at 300nm (0.0003mm).

Okay, okay.  Stop bamboozling me with numbers! I hear you.   For a phone cradle or a baby Groot model, 300nm to 100nm is adequate.  But for an engineer it simply won’t cut the mustard.  I’m typically printing in 0.5 – 0.25nm for the kind of high precision and tolerances they need, and that’s fine for things like dental prosthetics too.

There’s more to take into consideration, like material or usage of course but that’s where we are right now.  That’s what 3D printing is capable of right now.

Whenever that next leap comes, the leap to the next level of detail is anyone’s guess.  That will herald things like printable fabrics.  Until then, the printing soldiers on with almost everyday items.  The image above is of a scale model antique motorcycle currently being designed by a talented 3D modeler in Birmingham UK  Called James Craggs who is experimenting with pushing the boundaries of scale and function in SLA.

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